Applying for An Uncontested Divorce – Know the Pros and Cons


Uncontested divorce is overwhelming process because a lot of issues involved in it. They include assets, children custody, and many others. Both the parties have to agree for the process, so it makes more time for the process. Even though, it is hard for the divorcing couple, but there are many benefits under right conditions.

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The following are few pros and cons that help you in making a right decision.


  • Uncontested divorce helps you to end your marriage without any dispute, quietly with dignity. Also, it is affordable too.
  • You can avoid unnecessary expenses and save your money from process servers, accountants, and others.
  • It is the more cooperative and private way to get the divorce with mutual understanding.


  • It is not the right choice, if the couples are fighting with each other and not speaking with one another.
  • In case, your partner is not willing to discuss with you regarding divorce process.
  • In case one of the partners is willing to take larger share in assets.
  • If you believe both your partner and you cannot do the paperwork together.

In these situations, you have to consider a contested divorce. Otherwise, you have to suffer financially, emotionally, and mentally. Also, it may end up in disputes. You can discuss with an attorney regarding your divorce to choose the best option.

Hiring an attorney during uncontested divorce will not only helps to make your work ease but also provides many benefits as well. Your spouse and you both cannot hire one attorney to handle your divorce process you should have your own attorney to deal any issues raised during the process.

Also, an attorney provides you the required alimony, property division, and other issues that help you in making a wise decision. It is very difficult to settle the matters like children custody, business, etc without the assistance of a lawyer.

So, gather information online or get references from your friends or relatives and choose the best uncontested divorce law firm that offer quality services. Book your consultation today to meet your attorney and discuss about your divorce for the best outcome.

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