Tips for Finding the Best Divorce Lawyer


When you’re in the middle of a divorce, it can feel like your whole world has been turned upside down. How do you put all the pieces back together again? What if they don’t seem to fit anymore? The best divorce lawyer will be empathetic to your emotional state at this difficult time, while giving you practical advice to help you steer through it with greater calm and wisdom. If you’re not sure how to speak to your ex or if you’re scared that you won’t get want you want or need from the divorce process, then finding the best divorce lawyer possible should be your first priority. Not sure where to look? This article will share some top tips for finding the best divorce lawyer in your city or town.

 Ask Family and Friends

The first place to look is close to home. Have any of your family or friends experienced a divorce recently? If they seemed to get a lot of what they wanted out of the situation, or were raving in positive terms about their lawyer, then you shouldask them for a tip-off of the best divorce lawyer to hire. As this is a delicate matter, perhaps ask the question privately when you have a moment alone with the person, rather than choosing a public space. A bonus of asking someone in your extended family or a close friend is that your family and friends usually want the best for you, meaning that they’re unlikely to give you a bad referral. Just make sure you ask members of your family that you trust, otherwise they may treat your marriage troubles as idle family gossip.

Ask Business Associates

This tactic does require some caution in that you’re revealing personal issues when you discuss divorce with business associates. But this is only close associates– perhaps those in your inner circle such as mastermind members or people you have known for many years. If you know any of your inner circle business associates have gone through a divorce, then you can delicately mention that you’re looking to find the best divorce lawyer through their direct experience. It’s best to only ask if your associate has previously mentioned their own divorce so it doesn’t look like you’re prying into their private life.

 Search Online

If no one in your personal or business life can help you with a personal referral to find a good divorce lawyer in your area, then you’re going to have to search online. Just type in ‘best divorce lawyer’then add your city name after it to be shown an instant shortlist of potential divorce lawyers to choose from. Once you have a list, check reviews of each business on third party review websites as well. You don’t want to take a company’s word for it that they’re a good choice; you should always look at objective feedback from past clients to get a balanced view, allowing you to decide if they’re the right choice for you.


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