Filing For Divorce In Minnesota: Check These Facts!


Divorces are always complicated and could be an emotional & financial roller-coaster ride for couples. If you want to file for divorce in Minnesota, you should be aware of the family law and basic aspects that may influence how the case shapes up. The first obvious step is to hire an experienced divorce attorney, who will explain the requirements for divorce filing. In this post, we are sharing some of the basic details of Minnesota Divorce Law.

Grounds for filing divorce

Minnesota allows for “no-fault” divorce. This means that a spouse can ask for divorce if the marriage is “irretrievably broken”, without charging the other spouse for a fault. While there are grounds to file for a contested divorce, such as adultery, things usually get complicated and matters may end up in court.

Filing for divorce in Minnesota

If you want to file for divorce in Minnesota, either you or your spouse must have stayed in the state for more than 180 days. In other words, in case a couple has recently moved in the state, or have not stayed long enough, they will need to complete the stay period.

The process

It is possible to accelerate and be done with divorce in Minnesota, provided both parties are in agreement on major matters. In many cases, where a couple doesn’t have a child or don’t have as many assets, the attorney may advice on “summary dissolution”, which will ensure that the divorce is done in just two months. The couple doesn’t need to come to the court either. Talk to your attorney to know if summary dissolution is an option for you.

There is also another option beyond summary dissolution, which is ideal for couples who are in agreement on divorce matters. They may move a “joint petition for dissolution” in Minnesota. Basically, the process involves lawyers of both spouses to sit down and work on an agreement that covers all relevant matters, including assets, child support, and alimony. The divorce petition will be granted when the court is satisfied with the agreement.

Filing for contested divorce

It is often hard to come to an agreement with a spouse, and in such cases, a contested divorce may be the only way out. You may want to consider other options before thinking of contested divorce, and the advice of your lawyer is paramount in such situations.

Talk to an attorney to know divorce in Minnesota better!

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