Compelling Reasons to Resort to Accident Reconstruction When Facing an Injury Case


Automobile collisions are a common occurrence. Even the ones that seem pretty straightforward on the outward can present complex issues. Many a times it will be hard to determine, which party was actually at fault. The memories of the accident could be hazy and each party may have their own version of how they thought the accident unfolded.

An accident reconstruction specialist will help in reconstructing the accident in a detailed way and provides answers for all unanswered questions. The results provided by the specialist can then be produced to your attorney if the case is litigated in court. If you are looking for reliable experts in the field, reach out to Sea Limited.

Their experienced specialists will leave no stone unturned and present details on what exactly happened during the accident. They’ll collect all the necessary data and feed it into the computer for analysis and simulations.

Prime role of specialists who conduct accident reconstruction:

He/she is usually a forensic engineer who utilizes principles like engineering, physics and mathematics to carry out analysis.

 They collect as much details as possible about the accident including:

  • Skid marks
  • Road defects like missing signs
  • Weather conditions
  • Speed of the vehicles
  • Condition of the vehicle
  • Disturbed environment like uprooted shrubs
  • Photographs of damaged vehicles
  • Video surveillance footage

The details gathered are used to construct a report. Special software is used to compute the results which can prove if a party is at fault or not at fault. The report includes maps, computer simulations, computer animations, drawing and pictures of the accident site.

Need for experts:

The specialists who help with accidental reconstruction serve as valuable resources. Even if there are eyewitnesses present, unreliable memories would give rise to contradictory explanations which can only be resolved by reconstructing the accident scene. The written report can be used in court by attorney to prove one’s case.

The judges will use the analysis to determine the liability amount. You could use this to your maximum advantage and seek maximum possible compensation. When there is absence of eye witness and both parties claiming the other to be negligent, having this reconstruction report is the best way to prove your case as every fact is taken into consideration here.

This report presented by experts is highly beneficial in explaining the accident scene. Seek expert help at the earliest since the sooner you come up with a report, the sooner you can sort out the issue.

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