Top 4 Birth Injuries That Require Immediate Legal Action 


Generally, everyone wishes to have a successful delivery to ensure that their child is healthy. Nevertheless, there are some cases where injuries occur to children, which leads to many complications in their lifetime. In some cases, these injuries are genuine, and they cannot be avoided at any cost. But in some cases, these birth injuries are usually caused by the negligence of the doctors involved in the delivery process. If this happens due to negligence, you have every right to file a lawsuit against the medical institution responsible for your baby’s birth injury. In this piece, we have outlined the top birth injuries that require immediate legal action.

Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy is one of the major birth injuries, which result from the negligence of doctors. In general, 3 out of 1000 children usually suffer this birth injury. Ideally, this results from brain damage, which leads to weak muscles, poor skill development, learning disabilities, impaired vision, and hearing problems. If your doctors do not have proper birth techniques, cerebral palsy may occur, and you have full power to sue them.


If your doctors do not correctly monitor the pressure variations when you give birth, your child may suffer a hemorrhage, which may have many repercussions. For starters, your child may suffer long-term brain damage that may lead to severe neurologic problems. This means that the child will be unable to do certain tasks, and they will also have difficulty communicating and understanding, which will make it difficult for them to learn like normal kids. If your child has hemorrhages during the delivery process, you have the right to sue the hospital due to medical malpractice, and you should use the services of the best birth injury lawyer.

Facial Paralysis

Facial paralysis during birth occurs when the medical personnel applies excessive pressure on a child’s face. Primarily, this pressure usually damages the facial nerves, leading to paralysis of the face. This means that if your child has facial paralysis during birth, they will not have normal facial expressions. In severe cases, the child will be unable to move the part of the damaged face, which will make it difficult for them to close the eye which is on that side. Facial paralysis mainly occurs due to negligence, and if it happens to your child, you should seek legal action.

Brachial Plexus

Brachial Plexus also occurs during birth when the nerve on the upper part of the spine gets damaged. Brachial Plexus can be mild or severe, depending on how the nerves have been damaged. If the nerves are extensively damaged, your child is likely to have a permanent disability, which means that they will be unable to move their arms or legs. If the damage is not too much, they are likely to heal, but they will still be unable to move their legs and arms like a normal person.

Frankly, you should not take any birth injury lightly. Ensure that you take legal action against the hospital responsible for your child’s birth injury. The birth injuries we have outlined in this piece at the main ones to look out for.

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