When Should You Hire A Work Injury Attorney? Find Here!


Workers’ compensation law is designed to protect workers and employees, and it is a fine and laudable system. However, anyone who has filed a workers’ compensation claim can tell you about the complexities of such cases. The employer and insurance company involved don’t always take action as expected of them. Their eventual goal is to minimize financial losses, for which they don’t mind denying a claim, or paying a much smaller compensation than what the victim deserves. If you get hurt at work in California, your first step should be about hiring a work injury attorney.

Here are some quick aspects worth knowing about working with work injury attorneys.

Seeking immediate help

In the ideal situation – Call an attorney experienced in workers’ compensation claims right after the incident. This ensures that your approach to the case is on track and as per law from the start. As you recover from the injury, they will do necessary research and prepare paperwork for your claim. If required, they will talk to witnesses, find if a third-party is involved, and do necessary investigations. Your lawyer will also explain California Labor Code, as applicable for your case.

Circumstances that demand a work injury attorney

If your employer has denied the incident, or the insurance company has denied your claim, you have to hire an attorney right away. You also need a work injury attorney, if you don’t get enough or right medical care, or are fired illegally by the employer. An attorney’s experience is also handy for dealing and negotiating with the insurer. If your employer had promised things but you are not getting what you are rightfully entitled to, you need an attorney to look into the matter. In worse cases, the situation may require going to the court, and your lawyer will fight and handle things on your behalf.

Are work injury attorneys expensive?

Yes, and no. It all depends on the experience and expertise of the attorney. Hire an attorney with at least one decade of experience in workers’ compensation law, and ask them about the expenses of the case. They will also explain their legal fee, which could be a fixed amount or a part of the compensation you receive. As a new client, you have every right to know if the case will be financially draining.

In many cases, work injury attorneys advice clients on accepting an offer, because they don’t expect the trial to have a better outcome.

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