Spouse Committed Adultery? Things To Discuss With A Divorce Lawyer In Virginia


Filing for divorce could be a hard and emotional decision, but there are numerous aspects to be considered. The foremost step is to hire a divorce lawyer, who is aware of the state laws and has at least five years of experience in family law. Virginia is one of the states, where divorces don’t have to be complicated, as long as the couple agrees on relevant terms. You and your spouse can file for what’s called the ‘no-fault divorce’.

In this post, we are sharing a few points that you must discuss with your divorce lawyer.

The possible grounds

If you decide on a no-fault divorce, your lawyer will help with the separation agreement. You have to be separated for at least a year. In Virginia, couples who have been living together but have irreconcilable differences are not allowed to file for no-fault divorce. If this is not an option for you, you can file for fault divorce, and there are various grounds that your lawyer would be able to explain. In this state, such grounds include adultery, buggery, conviction of a felony, desertion or abandonment for a year, and cruelty. Depending on the facts on the case, your lawyer will explain what may work for you.

Proving adultery

In case of a fault divorce that relies on adultery as a ground, it is not enough to accuse your spouse. While adultery is a valid ground in Virginia, it must be proved that the other spouse has had sexual relationships with others. Photos of your spouse in a compromising position will be accepted, but generic pictures don’t hold much value. Your lawyer will help in preparing your evidence, and he would explain if this is a good ground for your case. Sodomy outside the marriage is also a similar ground, but proof is required.

Costs, properties and other details

When you contact a divorce attorney Newport News, you have to discuss the possible expenses of the case. One of the key aspects of contention is spousal support and division of joint properties and debts. Let your lawyer know of what you expect in terms of the outcome, and he can explain the best ways to sort issues without going for a messy divorce. The cost of hiring the lawyer must be discussed, as well, because you don’t want to feel burdened financially either.

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