Terrifying Car Accident Statistics in Utah


Utah is a beautiful state with its popular national parks. Its dry and flaky snowfall has made it a major tourist destination. But it is quite terrifying to see the increasing number of car accidents in Utah.

If you are moving to Utah, you should know the car accident statistics here. The statistics and roadway information will be helpful for you if you are planning to drive to Utah.

Utah’s Car Accident Statistics

  1. In 2021, 320 people died in a car crash. The Utah Department of Transportation has disclosed this information along with Utah Highway Patrol. This is a huge number that needs attention.
  2. Speeding cars and intoxicated drivers caused the most accidents that resulted in deaths.
  3. Government data informed that about 12% of drivers in Utah do not wear a seatbelt. This careless driving causes fatal injuries.
  4. Last year saw the highest number of fatalities since 2002. 2021 witnessed 15% more deaths compared to 2020. In 2002, 329 people died in road accidents. After that, fatalities reached up to 280, but 2021 crossed the line by a huge margin.
  5. From 2016 to 2019, death rates decreased to some extent. But in 2020, it again rose with 276 deaths.
  6. Till now, 2022 has witnessed 260 deaths in 237 fatal car crashes. With the number, it is easy to speculate that the death counts might surpass last year’s numbers this year.

These statistics help to rule out new safety measures.

Final Thought:

If you live in Utah, you should know the car accident statistics in this state. You will get to know the dangers of driving in an intoxicated condition. Also, you will see the importance of wearing seatbelts and carrying your personal insurance. When you understand the common causes of these accidents, you can be a little cautious while driving.

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