Vital Aspects to Consider Before Hiring a Divorce Lawyer


Keeping a husband and wife relationship is indeed tough because they have to face different situations that will challenge their marriage. There will be instances where mothers and fathers fight so we keep our distance and don’t get involved as children. If we often witness such situations at home, then we’d surely get used to it and think it’s normal in a family.

For some couples, small fights can lead to a honeymoon stage so they’ll be fine and continue their marriage. But when the reasons why they’re fighting are serious and unforgivable, some of them choose to abandon their partners. This is why we have a lot of broken families nowadays and such situations are already accepted in our society.

Well, we can’t do anything when it comes to our parents’ decisions regarding their relationships. It would be hard to have a change of mind even if their kids are concerned because they’ve got reasons. So in the end, you’ll just find yourselves witnessing your dad and mom in court for legalities.

What’s divorce?

Dissolution of marriages are court verdicts – you’ll need a San Fernando Valley divorce attorney for this process. Once your marital relationship is already void, you’re free to get married again. However, conjugal properties must be divided and the child’s custody will be decided accordingly.

Laws in each state may vary, that’s why we need legal experts to guide us. The common grounds involve adultery, cruelty, insanity, drug addiction, impotence, etc. where one is usually at fault. In some cases, a no-fault can be applied when both parties agree to break their vows due to their differences.

The Process

Cooperation is required when you’re processing your divorce papers. Since most cases involve legal actions, it would be ideal to hire a divorce attorney. In this way, we can understand the procedure and other complex issues.

Keep in mind that this isn’t as simple as signing the papers that nullify your marital status whenever you want to. As applicants, you have to wait patiently and follow the procedure as per your lawyer’s advice.

Rational Settlement Offers

If you’d like this to be processed immediately, then both parties should cooperate and don’t cause delays. You’re surely aware that you have conjugal properties and savings, thus, prepare the documents required. It would be best to disclose all your assets and initiate a favorable offer so there would be less stress – read for more info.

Whenever there are issues, these must be resolved through settlement. If things are going smoothly, your goals will be easier to achieve. Thus, be sensible so that the other party won’t have to take actions that will worsen your scenario.

Attorney Fee Motion

There are instances where a spouse isn’t happy with the settlement offered even after trying your best to decipher fairly. Now, if one party won’t give up and make things difficult, then you’ll have to get your attorney ready. You have one option and that’s to file the Family Code 271 for pushing cooperation.

With this, the one who doesn’t cooperate with the process will be punished since his actions are causing superfluous fees to the lawyer. You need to watch your actions and respect the family law. If such a motion won’t dissuade your unreasonable conduct, then this case will take longer.

Such attitudes only show that the couple isn’t in a good relationship. So they have to face in court and wait for the trial. I guess this is the only solution since settlements don’t work.


This isn’t supposed to be necessary but it’s unavoidable in some situations. Trials must go on to resolve and bring closure to the case. It will also take a few months of hearings for evident ones.

But if your lawsuit is contested, you have to wait for a maximum of two years – look at this for more details on uncontested divorce. Now, if you want to expedite your trial, then learn to cooperate. Don’t make things complicated but don’t give up your civil rights as well.

Choosing an Attorney

Some of you might be thinking of filing for divorce by yourselves. Indeed, this is possible but documents and legal actions are also required.

Since this is an important event in your life, make sure to choose a reliable lawyer who will handle your case. He will be your ally in this fight, thus, make sure that he’s powerful enough.

  1. Research

When looking for a potential candidate in San Fernando Valley, searching online is easy. Most of them offer free consultations, thus, grab that chance to see what strategies they have. It would be great if you could ask how many cases they handled and won.

You should also ask for recommendations, too. Your friends and relatives may have someone in mind. Go and check his record in this field.

It would be good to find out about their professional fees as well. If you think that it’s too high, then try to negotiate because they understand your situation.

  1. Collect Information

Make sure that this law firm handles divorce cases in California. Keep in mind that laws vary by state. Therefore, it’s a must to hire professionals who have been serving in your locality for a long time.

Don’t forget that this involves legalities. Therefore, he must be a certified lawyer specializing in divorce and family law. His expertise is an essential aspect to consider.

Ask who will be representing you in court. The firm may have two or more divorce attorneys. Therefore, it’s better to find out who’ll handle your paperwork.

  1. Consultation

You’ll meet an expert during your consultation. If he’ll be taking your application, then communication lines will be open as well. You need to tell him your situation so that he can discuss what steps to take.

By this time, you’ll be aware of how he can resolve issues based on his strategies. By the way, he can tell you right away how this will end. That’s if he is experienced in this field.

Anyway, he will advise you on what to do. Therefore, don’t do things that might affect your application.

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