Questions To Ask An Eminent Domain Lawyer


You have been living in your house for a decade now. It is your house, and nobody else has the right to take it from you, or so you thought. In reality, the government can take any private property from its private owner in exchange for monetary compensation for a public purpose, such as building a park, public toilets, etc. 

You may be confused about your next step when you receive a letter of land condemnation for the first time. You may even question if it is legal. The answer is yes, it is. However, it is still important to speak to a Land condemnation lawyer in Hillsville to ensure you get the compensation you deserve. A lawyer will also protect your rights throughout the process. 

Questions to ask an eminent domain lawyer 

  • How long have you been practicing eminent domain law?

Eminent domain is a complex area of the law. It requires extensive knowledge of the law as well as decades of experience in handling similar cases. You do not want your case to be handled by someone just starting their legal career. Less or no experience could negatively affect the outcome of your case and miss important aspects.

  • How many eminent domain cases have you taken to trial?

As much as it is recommended to settle eminent domain cases out of court, you should also be prepared to go to trial. If your attorney is unable to negotiate a reasonable compensation amount, they should be ready to take your case to court instead of settling for a lower amount. The more court cases an attorney has solved, the more your chances of winning. 

  • What percentage of your practice is eminent domain cases?

This question will tell you about the attorney’s priorities. Some attorneys handle all kinds of cases- eminent domain, personal injury, divorce, etc., while others focus on only one or two areas. You want to go for someone who regularly handles eminent domain cases and is handling them at the current time. 

An attorney dedicating their legal career to the eminent domain will keep up with the developments in the law. They will also have a better experience as they only handle one type of case.

  • What types of properties have you handled?

Attorneys in Hillsville with experience handling different properties for eminent domain cases are a better choice. They are prepared for whatever comes and will instantly know the solutions to obstacles throughout the process. 

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