Points To Keep in Mind For Getting Victim’s Claim In Florida


When you fall and get injured before you file a suit, you need to ensure whether the owner can be held responsible for the fall. This means, in most cases, you will be dealing with the owner’s insurance company.

If you are looking for attorneys to claim for personal injury, there are many Law firm in Coral Springs, FL with excellent experience and knowledge to handle any kind of complex cases. You must be aware that property owners may also have arguments to avoid liabilities. Winning is not an easy task. Seek the help of experienced lawyers to win your case.

Though in all cases, the property owner cannot be held responsible for the slip injury, owners should take care that they have taken all the possible measures for proper security of their property to avoid any dangerous slips. However, everyone should also be aware of their surroundings and try to avoid such falls and accidents.

Based on the investigation of the situations, the lawyer can decide whether a certain defense applies or not. Once your lawyer can prove the owner to be responsible for the slip and fall, he may get you compensation, loss of wages and for medical expenses.

Proving Liability In Slip-and-fall Cases


On investigation, if the fall was due to petitioner’s fault either entirely or partly then the victim’s award will be reduced by the percentage of fault connected with them. In some states, the petitioner can claim victim’s award only if their fault is less than fifty percent.

If the accident was an unexpected one like, collapsing of staircase railing, the owner may not be held responsible. However, still your lawyer can defend as the improper maintenance of property.

Insufficient Notice

In some cases, the defendant may also claim that they didn’t have any prior notice about the danger involved on the property. In this case, the petitioner cannot get any claim if he couldn’t prove for how long the hazard existed and the defendant either wins or the case is dismissed on failure to prove.

Procedural Defense

When the plaintiff has sued on the wrong party as defendant, then the defendant can withdraw the complaint and sue on the appropriate defendant, if it falls within the statute limitations.

Liability Rules

Property owners has the responsibility to keep their property free from any dangers that could harm the people in there. Reasonableness is the main key to claim for your slip-and-fall injury.

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