Negligent Security Claim- Is Your Security Guard Doing His Job Right?

Negligent Security Claim- Is Your Security Guard Doing His Job Right?

Every business owner has at least one similar fear- robbers breaking into their businesses and costing them time, money, and resources. If the attackers injure people inside a business, the owner could be liable for damages. They may have to pay thousands of dollars of restitution for one or more people. This is why it is important to hire a security guard. 

A good security system helps keep the property safe as well as protects it from liability. However, it is important to hire a good security company that ensures their security guards are doing their job right. The wrong guard can be worse than no guards at all. If you were injured inside a business due to negligent security, hire a Garland Personal Injury Lawyer to help you recover damages. 

Signs your security guard is not doing their job right 

  • They seem preoccupied. 

A human being goes through a number of problems in their day-to-day life, and it is not always possible to keep your mind off of it. If the issues preoccupy your mind, it may become impossible to focus on any other job. While employees at every job sometimes tend to get distracted and think about personal matters, a security guard cannot do the same. 

A security guard must, at all times, protect and guard the thing or property that you have hired them for. If they focus on something else, things could go extremely wrong in a matter of seconds. Fire your security guard if they seem distracted most of the time. 

  • Excessive absence. 

While it is okay to make a few absences at other jobs, the job of a security guard is something more serious. A property in Garland cannot afford to lose security for even a single day as attackers may be waiting for this opportunity. Still, if your security guard makes absences without informing you, it is a warning sign of irresponsibility and carelessness. 

Remember that your security guard should inform you when they need to take a leave, and the security company must compensate for their absence with another guard. 

  • They have not worked your schedule before. 

Hiring a security guard with experience working the same schedule you want to hire them for is crucial. The guard may be very qualified in their work but won’t do a good job if they are used to working another shift. Before hiring them, ask the guard what shift they usually work. 

For example, if you need a security guard for early morning or night shifts, ensure they have the experience to be their A game on duty.