Mugshot Sites & How To Find Them

Mugshot Sites & How To Find Them

If you have ever been arrested, it is extremely likely that your police reports can be found on Google. This encompasses any and all past mugshots.

Unfortunately, for those arrested there are a plethora of mugshot sites in existence across the internet. Mugshots com removals being one of the most requested solutions for EraseMugshots.

The internet is a double-edged sword. For those with a stellar web presence, the world is their oyster…

However, for those individuals with a troubled past, a negative first page on Google can make the difference between flipping burgers and landed your dream job.

Americans in today’s world tend to rely on what Google tells them more than a recommendation from a close friend or even a family member. By simply visiting Google, and typing in an individual’s full name you may be surprised at what you find.

There is a general understanding that employers most conduct an advanced background check search for any and all job applicants.

Your old arrest from a DUI is not something that you want a potential manger or boss to come across.

Luckily for those who find themselves in this unfortunate position, there are EraseMugshots offers mugshot removal solutions.

The first step of removing your mugshot is finding it online. Here are two ways you have to locate your mugshot on Google today.

Option 1: Browse Popular Search Engines

  1. Visit Google and search for yourself, enter your entire name and the county/state where the arrest occurred (i.e. John Smith, Sarasota Florida)
  2. Scan the first five pages for traces of your arrest, criminal reports, and even your personal information
  3. Make a list (you can use Google Sheets) to keep track of what websites mentioned your incident

Option 2: Visit The Most Popular Mugshot Sites And Search Manually

  1. Visit – one of the most infamous, yet reliable mugshot websites online today.
  2. Utilize the search bar towards the upper right corner and enter the arrestee’s name
  3. Depending on the uniqueness of the arrestees name you may have to narrow your search down by county/state using the filters on top of each results page
  4. Mugshots are openly displayed, making it easy and simple to locate the arrestee

Top 5 Mugshot Publication Sites in 2020


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Mugshots will forever be available with local government records and courthouses. However, that doesn’t mean they have to be reachable for free within a few click, without even leaving the couch.

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