How Do I Report a Hit-and-Run Case I Witnessed?


Victims in Tennessee hit-and-run collisions could use your help

For many people who are involved in a car accident, the thought of leaving the scene would never even cross their minds. Responsible motorists know that there are certain responsibilities under Tennessee law for accidents involving personal injury or death, as well as crashes that are property damage only. A hit-and-run crash could lead to misdemeanor or felony charges, so a motorist could face incarceration, fines, and other penalties for fleeing. Unfortunately, the possibility of punishment is not a deterrent for some.

If you were the victim in a hit-and-run, you probably realize that there are significant challenges with finding the at-fault driver – let alone pursuing a claim. However, if you observe this crime, you have the opportunity to help victims get their lives back. Some information should guide you with what to do if you witness aNashville hit-and-run accident.

Reporting a Hit and Run in Tennessee 

If you see a motorist leave the scene after a car accident, the first method to report should be familiar to you: Dial 911. When you explain the situation, the dispatcher will get first responders on the way as necessary.

  • An ambulance, paramedics, and EMTs may arrive to provide emergency medical treatment to any injured victims.
  • Firefighters and related crews may be dispatched if there could be difficulties with removing victims from vehicles and getting them to safety.
  • When you mention the fact that the crash was a hit-and-run, the 911 operator will also notify the police. Officers may arrive at the scene directly, but law enforcement departments might also be sent to investigate the immediate area for the fleeing motorist. Making sure to have a description of the vehicle and a license plate – even partial numbers – is helpful. If possible, mention where the damage to the hit-and-run vehicle might be visible. 

Your Important Role as a Witness 

It is admirable when someone wants to take on the position of a Good Samaritan and help victims of a hit-and-run crash by dialing 911. Your report to the police will help locate the at-fault driver, at which point victims will have that person’s identity and can pursue a claim to recover damages.

However, as a witness, you might even offer further assistance to help the victims get justice. One important factor in any crash is fault, which means proving that the other motorist breached the duty to exercise reasonable care while driving. If you observe speeding, running red lights, failure to yield, or any other forms of negligence, you offer significant support to the claims of victims.

Discuss Your Rights With a Tennessee Hit and Run Accident Attorney

You can see how witnesses can be very useful for a hit-and-run crash, and having legal representation on your side is essential if you were involved in one. For more information about your legal remedies, please call Bednarz Law at 615-256-0100 orvisit us online. We can schedule a no-cost case analysis at our offices in Nashville, TN.

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