Harassment During Divorce -Here is What You Need to Know!


Harassment is a type of criminal activity that is also charged as a class B misdemeanor in some circumstances. The demeanor may also be considered class A if the guilty is previously charged against the same or violates the temperature restraining order. 

In cases of marriage splits, if one spouse tries initiating communication with the other one or makes weird comments, inappropriate suggestions or requests, etc., he or she will be charged with harassment as per the washington state divorce record.  Along with that, making any threats to us, the other Spouse indicating harm or injury, and making harassing calls by anonymous identities for annoying or tormenting the victim is referred to as harassment as well. 

Many spouses tend to post conversations with their exes on social media to embarrass them and cause emotional turmoil. These cases are generally observed in couples with a lot of built-up resentment and anger toward each other. They struggle to communicate healthily and effectively and end up harassing each other as a result. 

Regardless of the anger from divorce, there is no excuse for harassing your partner or anyone in that instance. Harassment is a serious charge that can have significant consequences. It is suggested to take a calm approach while dealing with divorce and handle things maturely instead of harassing or embarrassing your ex-partner.  

Impact of Divorce On Divorce Settlement

Divorce is highly complicated and mentally draining. The process leads to an increase in the anger levels of the spouses. Their patience will be tested every day. However, they should not encourage the spouses to indulge in acts of harassment against an ex-partner. The harassment hurts the divorce settlement process. 

Harassment can negatively influence the decision regarding child custody and spousal support, property, and estate division, etc. it also leaves a permanent marker on the criminal records of the individual, which can lead to difficulties in finding jobs. The guilty spouse will face ostracization from society and may feel alienated as a result. 

Other consequences involve the release of protective orders after getting convicted of harassment.

If you are someone who is facing harassment by your ex during the divorce, make sure to consult an attorney and reach out for help. Along with that, keep records and evidence of harassment. This information will be utilized later to accuse your partner. 

Contact an attorney right away! 

If you face harassment from your partner before, during, or after a divorce, make sure to contact an attorney as soon as possible. Your attorney can be your legal aid and save you from an unwanted situation. 

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