Are You Looking for Suitable Lawyer for Sexual Harassment Case? How to Find One?


There are laws available to prohibit any kind of sexual discrimination or harassment in your workplace. However, often such cases are noticed where employees find it very difficult to report either due to embarrassment or fear of further retaliation.

There are many law firms like Halunen Law available who can provide you suitable lawyer to take up your case so that you may defend all your rights.

If you are looking for suitable lawyer to take up such sexual harassment case then you must consider the following few factors:

  • Choosing lawyer from any law firm or a solo practitioner

Usually, any law firm will have a number of lawyers and hence your case will always be represented in the court.

However, in case you are looking for any solo practitioner then ensure that he has got any junior to assist him and who can represent your case if he is busy or sick.

  • Check the experience

While selecting any lawyer, it is important to see if the law firm or the solo lawyer whoever you are considering is having relevant experience to handle such cases.

Any criminal law practitioner, however experienced he may be, may not be suitable to take the case of sexual harassment in office employment.

  • Decide between paid fee or contingency fee

Few lawyers may ask for upfront fees in order to take your case whereas there are few law firms who will not charge you anything till they are able to successfully get the decision in your favor.

You need to decide which is more comfortable for you.

  • Legal costs

Often the legal cost needed for pursuing such case may be quite high. Therefore, while hiring any law firm or a lawyer, you must check whether they can afford to take your case and carry on.

In case, you have lost your job then you may not be in a position to pay upfront for your legal battle.

  • Choosing between settlement or litigation

In case, your employer is not ready for settlement then you have no choice but fight the case in the court.

However, if you are not interested to fight the case against your lawyer in the court then the lawyer must be capable enough to force your employer for settlement.

  • Convenience

Make sure that the law firm or lawyer whom you have chosen is quite near to you whom you can visit without travelling a long distance.

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